Registration of suppliers on the proGMP portal is provided exclusively for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs: manufacturers, suppliers, agents, sales representatives, service providers, workmen, educational institutions, public organizations, mass media, etc. offering their goods and services for the pharmaceutical and the life sciences industry, as well as other industries whose activities are regulated, including by GMP requirements, united together by the term life science industry.

The proGMP portal offers two types of supplier registration.

«Standard» - provides registration of a supplier for a period of one month.

  • The Supplier has its own personal account with general information about the company, contact details and the «Contact Supplier» button, links to additional resources, and a showcase of its products (goods and services).
  • The supplier gets the opportunity to post information of unlimited number of their products and unlimited number of brands they represent by creating product cards in accordance with the groups and subgroups of the portal catalog.
  • The supplier, if necessary, has the opportunity to make proposals to the Portal Administrator on the creation of a new group or subgroup of the catalog.
  • The supplier can place in his personal account a catalog or price list for his goods and services, available for download.
  • The supplier receives online requests from buyers sent to him through the product cards or in the supplier's personal account.
  • The supplier may send commercial offers, quotations or other information in response to requests from buyers.
  • The supplier can communicate further with his customers virtually through the portal via private messages.
  • The Supplier has the ability to create topics and messages on a Forum accessible to all users and guests of the portal, provided that such topics and messages are not of an advertising nature.
  • The supplier participates in Suppliers rating.
  • A Supplier that has signed an Agency Agreement with the Portal Administrator may sell its products online.

- provides registration of a supplier on a commercial basis for a period of one year.

  • The premium supplier uses all the services provided to suppliers with the «Standard» registration type.
  • The premium supplier receives information about all buyers who visited the cards of his products, as well as similar products of other suppliers from the same group/subgroup of the portal catalog.
  • The premium supplier has the opportunity through the portal to carry out targeted mailing of informational and promotional materials to the e-mail of buyers who have previously accessed the cards of its products, as well as similar products of other suppliers from the same group/subgroup of the portal catalog, provided that such buyers did not unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  • The premium provider has the ability to post video presentations and host webinars through links in their personal account.
  • The Premium supplier has the ability to create and maintain their own topic in the «Advertisement» section of the Forum.
  • The premium supplier receives significant discounts for Advertising on the portal.